Without Ground…..A Bird is without a Limb to land On

bodyWithout Ground………..A Bird is without a Limb to land on
Many will think my view is far out on a limb.
The intellect is a great tool and a poor god in that as a guide it lacks connection to the earth. I recall a body worker friend of mine in SanFran, his goal was to work on every politician he could. Saying that if he could get all the leaders grounded it would cause a positive change. Mahesh Yogi believed that if he could get a large segment of the human population to meditate it would lead to world peace.
Both were accurate in that most of the world’s population is Ungrounded, meaning they do not have their feet in or on the ground. The actual electrical energetic spiritual being is disconnected from the body and that disconnection causes the individual to fabricate realities in the head that many think is the mind and real.

The human body is not just a representation of earth it is earth, just as a tree roots deeply into the soil to not only hold ground but also to be and iatrical part of the earth. When a human being is deep into the body they are also deep into the flesh of earth and natural environmentalist.
In truth most do not give a shit about the earth nor do they even contemplate that the earth is actual Home. You cannot teach children that a better life is waiting after death in and in an imagined paradise and expect that person to have care, consideration and love for mother earth. That belief of superiority sets up distance and a desire for control and its basis is one of fear.
The head or intellect in fear invents Gods, images and all sorts of nonsense to pacify the underlying feeling of fear for being alive on a planet they believe is lesser than the after life they have been taught is superior…………….Few consider that the belief in a better after life is not only illusion but also degrades the present life experience, for we see it as a lesser, as a stepping stone out of ignorance. We do not believe in it’s natural and innate wisdom and that the expression of earth and its forest, fruits, rivers, oceans and the like are and ACTUAL expression of Love not in mind only but also in body, mind and spirit.
What we teach matters and what we believe and feel from old illusions color our present views. Questioning our beliefs is far deeper than a glossing through a fantasy book or fashion magazine. It is a deep penetration into our beliefs and a recognition what those beliefs cause in our reality.
Bodywork, movement, meditation will eventually help heal the rift and separation that we have actually been taught to believe in.
The Work is a return to the body.

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