What is Ego

selfWHAT is EGO

In simple terms It is like a glass a container that holds substance, usually liquid. The glass is transparent pink liquid will reflect pink, blue, green yellow. What ever color is put in the glass that will be the reflection.

Ego is a container, it holds, beliefs, past and present experience, conscious and unconscious. Like the human body a container for energy, spirit whatever label you like ego is a container.

When we change beliefs, release trauma,have experiences, alter emotions and feeling by how we view our past the content of the glass now has a different reflection……….it is best for understanding not to view it as good or bad, but simply a reflection of it’s content.

The glass or the ego is neutral, nonjudgemental of what content is put in……….a glass like and ego can hold a wonderful drink or poison in equal proportions. Of course what the ego holds in content will alter its reflection and experience in reality.

Ego bashing is the result of many beliefs. Arrogance as an example is looked at as negative expression of ego. The overly aggressive authoritarian governor is seen as an egotistical maniac. Many religious see the ego as a false entity and blame it for much of humanities dysfunctions. In all cases the response of the individual has little to do with ego and more to do with how they respond to personal experience and internalized beliefs.

Ego is just the container as the body is the container of spirit. When the body is shamed with our belief about nudity as an example it causes a change in the reflection of the glass container, ego. The reflection will vary according to the individual response, we are FREE to respond to beliefs and experiences in a multitude of different ways.

Some psychologies many religions have and overall attitude of what ego is and have created quite often a negative view and attitude toward and aspect of human expression that has nothing to do with our responses in reality. Attacking the ego is like attacking all men because some have raped women or attacking all women because some are unfaithful. When we attack the ego we fill our glass container with self dislike in the extreme hate. Now the reflection can change drastically toward the negative.

Societies, the religious, people look for blame as a way to explain what is dysfunctional in people. Ego which is a function of the self is often the focus for what is wrong in human expression.

The attack on ego is and attack on the self, as shame is often an attack on the body. These are a misguided forms of imagined dysfunctions.

The assumption of a dysfunctional or bad ego is incorrect, ego like the body is a container. But many who believe the body is shameful will disfigure it out of ignorance.


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