What is Compassion

compassionWhat is the meaning of Compassion
More than meets the eye of a believer in only the LIght of idealism, good intentions and views based on past beliefs of SHOULD.
Compassion I believe is NOT possible without the reflection of one’s own dark side, the shadow so called.
The shadow reveals not Only the devious, corrupt and lack of integrity in authority and humanity. But also reveals how one has also been corrupted. Blinded by a belief in a one sided reality as if the right hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing or that the revelations of one’s own condition were not of the environment that one has been educated to accept without question.
From the viewpoint “of the LIght” the belief is to abandon the dark, what one should not be. This belief of course causes a condition of unconscious responses and often a high level of what one Should be based on idealisms. This attitude creates not only judgements but also a disdain of the imagined unenlightened, a higher than thou attitude.Often leading to new religions, cults and dogma’s.
The dark of the shadow so called reveals our own angers, griefs, sorrows, misconceptions and actions. The very grit of what it is to be human in a corrupted society. With the acceptance of the dark within one’s self comes a more enlightened view, that the beating and pointing of fingers is of little value that only creates more hiding from the inner self.
Compassion comes from self revelation, insight and the understanding that we are indeed an expression of the world we are born into. The acceptance of the Dark Light as a whole both in nature and within ourself ………….. Gives us the Opportunity of choice rather than unconscious actions and a imagined Higher self.
There’s NO hiding from our inner being. Only a learned mask of pretense. The inner self is revealed in unconscious expressions or by a willingness to see the whole of oneself.
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