Trauma, and The Wisdom of Frigiveness


I am sharing insights into not just trauma but also the direction that when Trauma is unresolved can lead to insights that are dysfunctional in the way that we perceive the world and our response to that held emotional experience.

Perception is reality. How we view life and our experience in it is altered by not just education but mostly by experience, belief and our collective individual views intellectually, emotionally and in feeling. To consider only the intellect or just the emotions I believe is a mistake. For we are a WHOLE individual in expression, to see our self in fragment does indeed create a fragmented self, worldview and universe.

I am a fighter and it has served me well. From fighting bills in legislator, arthritis in my feet and literally on the streets as a kid in a world divided as much by religion as race. The problem that ensues is when we find something that works in our favor and then try to apply it to everything and that for me became common place and at the time I didn’t realize it was motivated by childhood trauma’s. Better said unresolved suppressed fear.

The last link I posted in this writing is on walking the Tiger the best book I have ever read on trauma. Unreleased trauma can be extremely potent as it was in my case, for much of my reality at times, NOT always was a threat. Remember trauma in the expression of fight or flight unexpressed in other words it is stored energy in the cellular structure of the body that influences action and perception. Another way of saying it is that terrorizing people and countries is a great way to Grow terrorist. Fighting becomes a way of life another way of saying it is war is often a group of individual expressing unresolved conflicts.

Religions, governments and the health industries have a way of keeping people in a state of fear that often leads to a traumatized body due to the fact the individual has no way to release the unexpressed energy. You see it in a multitude of ways the individual who is buying vitamins by the carload and chasing them down with a shit load of magical health drinks and they are often in a frenzy to get what they believe will save their ass……………NOT Pointing Fingers, I have been there.



Life in general has been set up as a battle to be won. From health to life, liberty and the pursuit of the Buck it is made out to be a struggle and only the fittest survive.

Survival of the fittest sets up a MIND SET of FIGHT, battle, something or someone that is after me, someone or something to be conquered …………Survival of fittest sets up the pharmaceutical industry as the provider of safety in a dangerous world leading to the WAY over immunization of the human species, yes of course some of it based on profit but both the profit and the health are seen from a viewpoint of fear something to protect at all cost or better said a battle to be won. Economics, business is often based on competition and of course this leads to lying, cheating and often stealing to survive in what is seen as a dangerous environment. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

Certainly nothing I am going to say here will change the fear SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST in a fear based society…………BUT and the but is the individual has the power to change, to step aside from the madness, paranoia and the belief of Survival of the Fittest.

Few examine this belief of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and when not examined can lead to expression that are not only not of benefit to the individual but also to the whole of life.



When we forgive our self for our own misguided views and actions we forgive the world around us……..The willingness to see our own blindness is to no longer seek blame as a way of resolution.…/for-…/what-is-psychological-trauma/…/the-role-of-forgiveness-in-h…/

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