The Space Between the Notes…..The Space Between Your Thoughts

silence-2The Space between the notes……..The space between your thoughts.
The pause makes the connection like eye contact on the street without a word spoken.
The space between thoughts allows insight, awareness and connection in the way that one note follows the other creating a harmony.
Within what a few call the silence or peace within is the connection to INNATE intelligence without words. You’re walking through a crowd, you move Rt, Lft, bob and wave all without the process of language its a dance in the silence of intelligent action.
Few not only DO NOT pay attention to the silence but often try to avoid its recognition as if it had nothing to offer, as if the silent intelligence behind the mask made no difference or had no awareness. The mind chatter and overindulgence in smartphone, speakers in the ears trying to shut out not just awareness but also the intelligent awareness that connects it all together.
Meditation of course is a way to connect with the silence but it is NOT the place of Arrival in that it is not a goal to achieve. More a path to open awareness and recognition to the continued daily space between the notes in daily life, the constant connection of intelligent awareness bringing it all together into a unified field of expression.
The lie, deceit, integrity, honesty within a conversation becomes more apparent when we are awaren of the silent content between the notes of talk. The information out of the book, documentry, college class, is sometimes a connection of intelligent understanding, a jumble of scattered data or a distortion of information. The silence paid attention too often brings the awareness of weather we are receiving nutritious food or something contaminated with pesticide.
The silence reveal life abounding without words or language as we think of it. When noted with some consistency the lies of conditioning and dogma fall away like rotten apples from a spoiled orchard.
What we were afraid off lies in the silence of the present moment. What connects us is without the discordant notes of a contaminated garden of projected beliefs.
The power of the moment is WAY more than just the trite sayings of would be new agers, religious philosophies or psychological mechanisms of distilled humanism.
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