The Breath of Forgiveness


AH the gasp of breath when the tears are trying to hold back and breath finally releases the block, the emotionally held feelings and we are released ………………A bird into the sky to fly again.

At least to some degree we must understand held feeling, good, bad or indifferent. Feelings represent Energy in Motion, Emotion in Motion.

We are besides bodies’ energetic beings, spirits, life in a body and energy expressing as human.

Life is deathless…………….Bodies are a different story.

Child hood is and alteration, change from the small person we once were to now that larger individual with changing capacities. A mind that can now be critical in the sense of observation without the impingement of past belief or content. Meaning we see now a larger pyridine or expression of what we once thought true. Example, Noticing how animals have feelings, emotions and consciousness and that awareness washes away the old belief of the lower animal or animals without emotional intelligence.

Another critical insight, what is Present or the Presents. A view pondered by sages, scientist, mystics and many more. Consider Time and Space are and expression intellectual experimentation and investigation. The premise of time and space is inaccurate in as far as human beings with emotions, past history and a body that at a cellular level records all experiences.

Because cells record not just information but also emotion, feelings, now what is imagined as past is present in the living structure. What we call traumatic experiences sometime floating into the present moment. The soldier with PTSD, The rape victim who now has a problem with sexual expression or relations with men. The child who was brutalized for a failure and experiences anxiety in test taking. The list is endless in how mind body records not just data but emotion and feeling.

ALL the above experiences when experienced are PRESENT in process. It is not the past it is the present being experienced from the perspective of present emotions and feeling no matter if they happened two days ago or ten years………..The Experience is Present.

When we understand the above statement we understand why one individual has little difficulty in learning and another experiences fear and anxiety. Why one individual has little problems handling money and another is continually in financial difficulties.

EXPERIENCES, DO NOT DETERMINE how we will respond in the present or future. It is more how we as an INDIVIDUAL processed the experience. One soldier goes war and comes back full of trauma another who fought along side the one with the now psychological difficulties has little if any trauma. I make note of this so that we may not take anything that is being discussed here as a Blanket view and make it fit all.

Their a multitude of ways to Collapse the present energetic feeling and emotions that are impinging on the present moment..

Think of the energy system in the body as a multitude of balloons full of air. In this case full of energy or energetic expression that is a part of the mind body expression. If we stick a pin in the balloon it will collapse, the energy has been released.

Crying often collapse the energy from a human experience, washing away the feelings of guilt, regret and the need for revenge. Catharsis a highly energetic process washed out of me my desire to commit suicide, once the energy was released the desire also fled in both mind and emotions. When and individual systematically re-frames a emotional response such a hatred to another and imagines forgiveness, reconciliation is a way to collapse the old and form a difference in action and in emotional feeling.

BREATH is a main way or release that we all have the capacity to use. In anger, fear, desire for retribution, anxiety in test taking, sexual arousal, fear of the future and so much more. Anxiety shows it self through tight chest, stomach, jaw, limited motion and emotion. It is no secret when we are up tight, angry, and afraid or want to run……….the body tells all. What often does happen is pretense. Pretense of course blocks awareness and sets up a false mask against the inner self.

When we begin to realize that NO feeling or emotion can hurt, harm or control us we begin to acknowledge the experience. BREATHING into the feeling and saying, attend, attend as in stay present with it, will most often collapse the energetic bundle that is impinging itself onto the present moment. It may take only one time or many but eventually the energetic field will dissipate and the present moment will no longer be overshadowed by what we call a past experience.

This is the BREATH of release and Forgiveness




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