Subconscious Trauma

Energetic-BodySubconscious Trauma

Trauma puts blocks in the flow of life energy throughout the body. Blocks in the energy system cause a wide range of dysfunction from physical to mental and inhibit the individual’s ability to be consciously aware.

Trauma in Simple terms. Trauma is a form of unreleased unexpressed energy in motion. The motion is inhibited in that it does not flow through just as a creek might get dammed up due to fallen debris in the stream. The damming in the flow of energy just as it would in a creek causes a dysfunction in the system at large, the whole body.

Subconscious means that the blockage is not aware to the individual on a conscious level. Inhibiting the flow of energy on and unconscious level.

Causes, fear expressed clears the mind body system and we return to normal expression. Fear inhibited damns up the system. Inhibition as an example is when we do not allow the full expression of the emotion, we inhibit the anger, rage, fear. Out of the fear of expression, by determining that the feelings are wrong or bad, dangerous and unacceptable, are sinful, suppressed by beliefs such as love is more powerful than hate, rise above your anger, anger hurts, kills etc, etc, etc. All these beliefs and more inhibit the flow of life energy.

The constant UNconscious stopping of the low cause problems in the physical and mental bodies. Ranging from physical disease to mental imbalance in varying degrees.

People are so conditioned to believe that to have a negative feeling is the same as having have expressed it. As many believe that a bad thought is the same as having have done it. The confessionals and many on their deathbed are so full of guilt of expressions that are mental only and never have been expressed out into the world. This is UNconscious conditioning that keeps the individual in a state of Guilt, Remorse and a lack of self acceptance. They are now controlled by fear and guilt.

Becoming conscious of one’s UNconscious conditioning is a major step in releasing the blocked up energy. Body movement, a close examination of inhibiting guilt ridden beliefs and a willingness to accept ALL feeling and emotions over time will release the blocked up paths of energy.

If you examine closely the work of Rolfing, Alexander Lowen, Fritz Pearls, EFT, Wilhelm Reich, Silva Mind Control, many modalities of bodywork, meditation, kundalini, all are a movement to unblock the mind body energetic system and return the individual back to a state of Whole Function Being.

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