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Since the beginning of time we as a human race move toward the blooming of self realization. Kundalini is one of the paths that brings the initiate into the unified field of energy to create a knowing of oneness.

This is the Awareness of Awareness

To be aware not only in the conscious mind but also aware of the deeper mind, the difference has been compared in this way. The conscious mind has the ability to process about 40 bits of information per second, the deeper mind can process about 40 million bits of information per second.

Through the opening of this unified field of energy we move to Universal Mind Consciousness. The book, is the journey from what is considered normal thinking and awareness to the opining of the realization that we collectively and individually create our reality. Realization is different from belief, belief sits on a sandy foundation, realization sits on a Cosmic foundation of knowing.

Back in 1977, Dino opened to this process of knowing and continues to this day opening to this larger field of awareness. Over the last forty years Dino has trained over fourteen thousand people from all walks of life to open to the understanding of a unified field of consciousness .

The knowledge contained in the book, is vital to anyone who has opened up to this field of energy or is wanting to know more about the path of self realization.

  • Discover the signs that Kundalini is opening up within you.
  • Understand how ego can become a benefit to the process rather than a deterrent.
  • Discover how the current restores the body and brings healing.
  • Understand how the current opens your intuition and reconnects you to the global heart.
  • Discover the emotional and psychological effects in the Kundalini process.
  • Understand the reconciliation of opposites, and much, much more.






Discover the Magic In You, is the bible for those of us wanting to express more of what is potentially possible in the human experience, dissatisfied with what is considered the norm. We will, step by step, use the inner mind to not only enhance creativity but also to use it directly in our experience of creating the life we not only wish, but choose. You will be given time tested methods developed by both the scientific community and the ancient world of the Amazon Shaman that have now been taught to millions world wide, to enhance health and vitality, self healing, creative imagination, loving relationships, financial success and material wealth that interacts with the natural process of the environment.

I discovered Dino Delano a year ago, through his web blogs ‘Creative Visualisation’ and I was immediately captivated by his writing style and the wonderful video posts he had made, about the human condition. Easy to understand, no-nonsense, simple and down to earth, heartfelt approach to self realisation and understanding. He’s not your average, run-of-the-mill New Age hocus-pocus nonsense ‘guru’ that overwhelm the field of self-discovery and ‘spiritual awakening’. His blogs and whole work helped me a lot to understand the landscape of emotional conditioning and bad thinking that cripples modern culture and individuals, and also ways to overcome these life’s blocks and one’s limitations, and finally create a better life and environment for one’s self. No fancy ‘Rules of attraction’ and miraculous positive-thinking mantras that give the illusion that every problem can be solved in 5 minutes. Dino Delano clearly states and understands that the betterment of our quality of life is a long and painstaking path, yet one that clearly deserves our time and energy. As with every good thing, self realisation and disovery is an ongoing and long process, but one that brings everyone closer to their dreams and potential.

‘Discover the Magic In you’ is the essence of the writer’s own life and experience, and the knowledge he gained (often through trial and error). He doesn’t claim (rightly) that awakening is something to be gained by some ‘special’ guru sitting under a tree, but it’s a process of waking up to a few very simple truths and understanding of the role of emotions, the way the whole body-mind system works, and the role that society and its wrong kind of conditioning plays to the shape of one’s identity.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in taking that inner path! -Leonidas Papadopoulos