Meditation Walk

self-forgivenessAs I was walking this Morning

Walking allows me to move body mind without controlling. Letting all thoughts and idea’s flow without restriction, the good, the bad and the ugly.

It always amazes me how when we stop restricting or controlling our thoughts how idea’s arise that inform, give creative inspiration and indeed instruct.

I was reminded this morning how we are gardeners of our own land of mind body. What we plant we get, red ripe delicious nutritious tomatoes or night shade a poison. That thought led me to realizing how often when I walk which is every day I remind myself of what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for this terrific body that carries me in and through the world with such dexterity, flow, connection and joy.
I am grateful for my capacity to see beauty all around and capture it on film.
I am grateful for the water I drink, blood of the earth cooling soothing, replenishing and I am drinking the earth my larger body of life.
I am grateful for my insights that open me up to a larger expression of life and also the insights that shows me corruption and that I no longer need to be afraid of seeing what some call negative.

That is a short list by the way the body and health gratefulness reminds me how I once had arthritis so bad I couldn’t walk and that my own fears caused not only restriction of body and mind but also a rigidity moving my body to become arthritic. That insight came while I used creative visualization to heal the infliction without any form of drugs.

I also remind myself that I am grateful for not being Perfect. That knowledge allows me growth, self forgiveness for mistakes and a real joy for my living experience.

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