Makeing Peace not War

handsMaking Peace not War

If I am a tailor a maker of clothes, I must take in the WHOLE individual Back and Front, up and down. If I am to bring about positive changed I must also be able to see Positive and Negative what causes unity and what causes disintegration, back and front, left side Right side.

We are able to change by recognizing what is causing a problem. We recognize the skillet or bath water is to hot so we don’t burn our food or our body the insight of the negative is positive.

If we look closely and simply we will see we are most often on the attack, this is not wrong it is more how we have learned through fear to respond rather than through awareness and observation.

Our world its people, industry and much of business and even religion are often in attack mode. Medicine attacks some diseases with poison, republicans attack democrats and vice versa, even ego is under attack, some attack race, one religion attacks another, one country another. We are under attack from so many fronts that we often forget how to collaborate, listen, understand, compromise, unite and take intelligent action.

This constant emotional response to attack comes from fear based Beliefs. When we believe that cancer as and example is out to kill us most will relent to being poisoned in order to rid them self of the problem, not recognizing the disease is actually a warning to bring about a positive change. Not seeing that one political group fighting the other causes nothing but more fear, chaos and distance in understanding and increases hostility rather than unity, reconciliation and a positive experience we continue the fight as if We are in a State of Fear rather than in a state of creating Unity. The Belief that we could run out of food, that the supply is limited, that the environment of bugs is trying to kill our lives causes us to poison our own food and in the same instant believe that this is a positive action and we will avoid looking at, seeing that the imagined response of using poison to control is a response of fear and NOT one that acknowledges not only our own Health but also that of all species.

Until we Recognize that many of our Belief systems lead to and emotional response of fear we will continually fight to control rather than bring Unity, health, intelligent action and vitality.

We cannot teach sin and damnation and expect the individual to feel that they are growing up into a Welcome and Gratifying environment. We cannot teach that nature is hostile and imagine that this will cause a peaceful collaboration with the earth. When we learn and believe that money and capitalism is survival we will support industries that actually in slaves people of our humanity to order for us to survive. Most do not speak out in fear that our speaking out actually causes a possibility of the economy based on capitalism breaking down will NOT speak out thinking and more important FEELING that their speaking out could cause a potential collapse.

No insight especially when it confronts the norm those accepted reality’s is easy to digest either emotionally or intellectually but without the insight that what we are often doing to save our health and environment is often the cause of both personal and earthly disaster we are doomed to failure.

Positive Change will come from a change in the individual, the power of ONE.

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