Liberating the Mind

brainLiberating the Mind
For most in the early years our mind has a straight jacket on it and there is little to no freedom so we most often simply repeat like a parrot our beliefs believing this is knowledge and insight not realizing we are simply repeating learned memories.
At this stage of learning we are often defensive our self-image and internal data is on shaky ground. Psychologist call it poor self esteem that is really a self-image based on illusions without any real basis of ground or stability within the framework of our beliefs. REMEMBER we are physical beings in a material body for that body to be stable it needs beliefs that give it a fundamental and real sense connection to planet earth and it inhabitants, stability then has a sound foundation of knowledge not just beliefs based on dogma.
REAL grounded knowledge does exist right within the physical structure. The bone structure and all cells depend upon contentedness, integration and aware inter communication within the physical body. The BODY must function as a Whole in order to function in top health, vitality and well-being.
This means of course that information that is taught that is NOT congruent with the WHOLE of life and the physical structure just does not work at the continuance and fostering of vitality, health and well being………..When we are presented with fragmented information we often FEEL something is wrong in River City. Something doesn’t fit, children rebel often without knowing why they feel out of acceptance with false data.
The mind and the physical body have a natural integrity and does it’s best to make us aware of Bull Shit. Incongruent beliefs do not get placed within us that easily without some resistance we through conditioning have often learned not to give validity to our own inner knowing.
Meditation, body work, refreshing our belief in the integrity of the flesh and inner awareness all help to get us back in touch with our own inner knowing.
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