How we as Humans have been dumbed down

splitHow we as Humans have been dumbed down

If we understand the HOW of a process we begin to understand the process of Undoing it.

As many now realize Belief is extremely Powerful. So Powerful it sets one race against another, causes a split in the mind so that we see only one side of an issue and not the whole of it. A human infraction can turn us against another we once thought was a valuable person. What we believe is evil becomes evil as we once believed intuitives were witches and were burned at the stake. The list is enormous.

More Important here is how it is done. Understand what I am saying here effects not all in the same way or to the same degree, in that we are unique in how we process information.

This simple belief of good and bad thoughts causes a fear of self in that it causes us to feel afraid of our own mind, thoughts, idea’s and imaginings. When we Believe that some thoughts are bad and others good we fracture our thinking, imagination, creativity and our ability to discern and discriminate. Furthermore we now give power to the WORD and the omnipresent power of language over our life. If the idea of bad a good thoughts were actually viable, real and true in the expression of and Organic human, then the creator of horror movies, fictional terror drama’s and the like would surely die, or go mad.

We have in present time a race of humans willing to allow governments, religions and the like both destroy environments create havoc in self esteem and self value and most will remain silent in the onslaught toward the life process.

When some thoughts are good and others bad we naturally suppress what we feel is bad and threatening, we are simply trying to stay out of harm’s way. In the process of doing so we become Unconscious to actual actions happening all around us that are a threat. We pretend that spraying poison as an example is a necessary process for our welfare. We avoid information that negates our present belief that is based on only half of the information at best.

Good and Bad thoughts are the basis for Unconsciousness and non action. Only by accepting all thoughts and feelings can we as human being make decisions based on the whole of the experience, The Bigger Picture.

It takes courage at first to release the fear of one’s own mind, thoughts and imaginings. We can feel so threatened our body reacts to what we Believe is a negative thought, not realizing that the response is a result of BELIEF and not a reality of normal body response. Much of what is considered panic is often a part of this.

What I have described to you is HOW, the mind and body have been split but also how most cannot discern reality from the words about reality. It is how illusion is created and control of human action or no action takes place.

We have yet to realize that wholeness is not possible while we at the same time split the mind.

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