How to release Sin Guilt and Shame

shameManipulating the Individual with Sin and Guilt

You are in the woods and have gotten lost; you begin to have anxiety trying to figure out where you went wrong. With no answer coming or redirection you begin to feel panicky. The critical mind and just as important your intuitive holistic globular mind shrink to give the body the needed energy to flee or fight.

That was a simple explanation of a conditioned response to fear. When fear is used to control humans we loose capacity to discern reality with clarity and often loose the capacity to act wisely.

I will share with you one of the most used conditionings that causes individuals to give up their innate wisdom and ability to act with care toward them self and the world.

As when walking down the street and we see a hole in the pavement we can avoid it and remain safe. When we understand the conditioning and not try to defend it we have the capacity to release not only the belief but also the emotions attached to it that cause automatic behavior responses.

Sin and guilt are used to not only control the individual but also to shame the body. When we are physically in the flesh deep in our feeling self shamed we will relent to believing we need redemption, need to be punished, need what very bad experiences we are having in life, and we often feel a need to attack something. We become a Why Me, we feel wrong, out of place out of harmony and we will often seek some sort of redemption and even relent to suicide if the pain of the shaming is so deep. When guilt is mixed with a shamed body by making the sexual, sensual wrong, bad or some how dirty the individual will sometimes even acquiesce to self-hate. The self hatred can take many forms of expression from continual self negation, denial of intuitive and critical mind insights (a stupid person like me couldn’t know this}. We deny our own wisdom and insights and then many often relent to all kids of therapies, forms of redemption and or even self-suffering trying to heal the inner confusion.

Over all we have put the individual into self pity, they actually feel they somehow deserve the shaming and also what ever bad things happen to them is a from of universal or gods retribution for being such a bad person. The individual is literally in the shitter. This now becomes and automatic response rising from the subconscious, often so early in their childhood that they no longer remember how the conditioning took place which even contributes further to feeling that they are to Blame.

When we first begin to get and inkling to the conditioning it can move us from rage to depression, to self negation and on to fear of our own insights, the blanket has been pulled of the perpetrators that have so deeply wounded us, made me feel like shit and then went on to manipulate my life experiences.

The way out of the mental emotional dilemma is to first look it in the face and realize there is NO god anywhere waiting to punish me. My sexual feeling self is no different than that of the feelings of trees blowing in the wind, a dolphin swimming and jumping with great delight, a snake slithering through the grass or a lion roaring on the Serengeti in the experience of a kill. Sensuous sexual feelings are a natural expression of life and it is our choice as to how we express them, we are free to feel.

The conditioning of guilt does not affect all in the same way there is NO absolute blanket of response. The response of the individual to the conditioning is unique and of course has many similarities’ to many others. There is also NO one to blame much is passed on just as the belief in a flat world or that sin will lead to going to hell. Those that pass on the guilt, sin and shame being unwilling to question their feelings project the same fears out on to humanity they are in a conditioned response and non thinking.

We have the Personal Power through insight, the willingness to see reality with clarity and that knowing leads us to Self Healing.

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