Fear………..How to release it

fear-2Fear…………..How to Release It

Don’t you just hate it when some says just let it go and your feeling anxiety head to toe.

Yes, sometime we can by objective intent and focus just let it go, but often this is not the case. In many instances it is like trying to let go of all the emotions attached to a relationship that just ended.

The difficulty lays in the fact that often the fear is NOT just a head-trip but also a physical feeling, emotion and sensation through out the whole body. Few understand that mind and body are ONE. When a fear has been indoctrinated, emotionalized it now becomes not just in the mind but an iatrical part of the WHOLE mind body system. If this statement sounds od to you, note when you feel fear it’s not a feeling in your head it is through out your whole body, often more felt in the stomach or chest.

Many times men are prone to fall for the intellectual idea of just let it go. Nice idea but often not possible. The idea of just let it go often causes a suppression of the feeling emotional body, we become somewhat detached. Now we no longer feel all of our emotions, joy, sorrow, anger, excitement and the like and in the process we loose aliveness. When we suppress emotion, physical sensations to a large extent now we often create being in fear of our own feelings.

HOW to release fear, in many ways its quite simple, Breath is a major balancer in bringing the body back into balance……….Don’t avoid or try to escape the feelings, breath into them as if you are bringing light into darkness. It may take two or three minutes of deep breathing or even ten minutes but if you stick with it, eventually the anxiety will subside and the body will return to homeostasis (balance). I have actually done this on my bicycle riding on a dark night and fear arose so intense my jaw, back and chest all tightened up. I pulled over to the side of the road moving my arms as if I were opening my chest and abdomen I stated breathing deeply into my belly within 5 or 6 minutes it began to subside and I was able to continue my ride. This same experience began happening to me often on when going out at night either riding my bike or walking. It took many times of breathing into it to the belly to unhook the programed emotions. In the process I began to remember my grandmother and her often freak-out projected at me for coming home late in the dark and how I might get snatched, beat up, robbed etc.

Here is the kicker by going into it rather than trying to escape through mind chatter, getting busy at something, denial, you will reveal to yourself what is behind the fear, the root of the anxiety that is often on automatic triggering when certain events show up in your life and or imagination.

You are NOT powerless to fear, it can be Released.


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