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I grew up in Mass near Boston, I lived as and only child with my grandparents both my mother and father had disappeared from the scene.

I came from a very abusive child hood growing up angry, depressive and with deep feeling of self hate, so I had a lot of  motivation to find techniques and methods to self heal. In the very early seventies I discovered Silva Mind Control and went on to teach that for five years. I then developed my own seminars plus a holistic health center in California The Center for Mind Ecology.


At one period of my life I spent over six years in depression sometimes only having one good day out of seven, but I persisted with a combination of running, meditation and creative visualization to change my child hood imprint from one of self hate to self acceptance. Admittedly its been a long road out of what I often refereed to as my demons. This taught me that self healing was possible without drugs. This experience and many others gave me the impetus to learn as much as I could about human potential.

I was at the forefront of the Human Potential Movement,

Since 1972 I have been teaching and lecturing Internationally about Alpha Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, Use of the Dream state and lucid dreaming plus many methods for Creative Visualization and self healing I have taught over 14,000 people from all walks of life to use these methods I have seen people heal them self of cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and equally as important people finding they could now create feelings of self worth and eliminate unwanted dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors. Many going on to become successful and highly creative in there own right.

One of the many benefits of Alpha Meditation that I have seen is a broadening and motivation to be creative. In my own experience I am also a published photographer, author of several books and a poet.

All this and more has made me very passionate in sharing these methods and idea’s, as you read through the articles or visit my video’s on youtube please leave me feedback, this is major help in creating information that is of benefit to those that visit this blog.


During the early seventies I was fortunate to teach at The Living Love Center in Berkley, CA which was owned and directed by Ken Keyes Jr who wrote the “Hand Book To Higher Consciousness” that has sold in the hundreds of thousands. From my view more importantly he wrote the book “The Hundredth Monkey” which refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness when a certain amount of a species reaches a critical mass. I believe we are close to the brink of reaching that critical mass in human consciousness.


If you subscribe to my blog right here and keep up with the articles you will learn a vast amount about you and your potential as a human being. I have been sharing this knowledge for over forty years, with the power of the internet you and I can bring this understanding to not just millions but billions. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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In a world gone mad, believing in life is climbing the mountain we thought impossible only to find the effort is inspiration made visible. Free Lance Monk

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  1. Bill Cassara died a couple years ago in Oregon, of a heart attack. You look fit and healthy. Glad to see you beat depression. Pat.

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