A Shamanistic Point of View

shaman4A Shamanistic Point of View

There are ten sailors aboard the ship all are looking out a different porthole, each seeing a unique viewpoint.

My comments here are a viewpoint and it certainly is not the only one, true one or right one. It is a unique way of seeing mind and body. For most the difficulty In grasping what is being shared is that it goes up against imagined modern science and it also takes a child’s curious imagination to go their.

Modern science for the most part treats the BODY and has little experience, knowhow or even desire to go beyond the perimeter of treating bodies like a bag of chemicals. Thus we have modern medicine, which is, and expression of chemical manipulation. Drugs to alter the chemistry of the body as if the body we only a chemical bag. Devoid of feeling, emotion, vision, and expressive force of life and a carrier of and energetic force called life. The viewpoint is mechanistic.

Conversely the Shamanistic view sees a larger whole. And expression that takes in a larger whole just as a astronomer would take into account all the parts of the galaxy and not relate any one planet, star or expression as superior. The shaman is a gardener who uses flowers rater than chemical poisons to control the insect population.

All humans have the capacity for inner seeing a vision that can penetrate into the depths of the human physical, energetic self………..in simple terms we have the capacity to see inwardly into our bodies. To know understand and interact with our living organism. To not just live in a human body but also to interrelate with it and aid it in expression like healing. To receive through visions, dreams and imagination directions to bring the mind body back into balance.

Sounds like some far out shit. No more far out than inventing scuba gear to discover the depth of and ocean reality, circumnavigation of the globe and on to outer space.

Shamanism is not some new game in town it’s been around for thousands of years in recent modern day society’s some were burned at the stake for being a witch in the here and now it is looked at as a primitive unenlightened expression. The truth of course is that many of the old primitive culture lived longer, healthier and more in a state of joy for life than modern day societies.

There is another reality just as there is other dimension in space-time. You as and individual can actually learn to interrelate to your living organism as a living being treating the body as a worthy partner.


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