A Path Toward Peace of Mind

spir1A Path Toward Peace of Mind

Peace of mind rubs off on those around us, brings a good night’s sleep and a life expression without undue anxiety.

Becoming aware of how media, politics, world affairs and dogma Hooks us into fear and anxiety in modern society is a valuable awareness leading to a release of anxiety and programed fear. A map can guide us through a territory and be a major aid in reaching our destination. This is a map of how we are hooked into conditioned response that often causes us to be transfixed by news program, articles on who and what is after us and what we should fear in the now and future.

Fear is both of value and also of use by those wishing control. Nighty eight percent of fear or more (unless you’re in a war zone) is mental no physical expression exist, the mad dog Is NOT in front of you.

Media lives gains, increases readership and increase income by using fear to create a hook. Believing that some terrible disaster is on the horizon be it a threat to health, income, home or country of residence. Media uses not only probable possibilities but also imagined threats that might exist in the near and distant future.

Why use Fear, emotionally it depletes the individual’s ability to think clearly, just as happened with the imagined threat of Iraq. Fear not only lessons clarity of mind but also in the long run hinders the human organism to function in a state of homeostasis which is the primary state where the body has the capacity to bring about healing and stability both to mind and body.

Take a few moments to recall and reflect on the current threats on the horizon say in the last year or two presented by media, face book, friends, the neighbor, even clergy and now look at actually how many of these imagined threats have actually come about. You will discover that over ninety eight percent of what we worry about never happens or even came close to happening…………..in other words we waste valuable life energy that could be used to enhance our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and economically while worry about at least 98 percent of what does not happen.

Detaching from the corruption of fear used to hook us into a response takes self-awareness so we can consciously not indulge in useless fears and anxieties that have less than a 98 percent chance of happening. What are we indulging our mind and body in? Is it life enhancing, freeing and does it lead to a good night’s sleep, peace of mind or just the opposite.

Meditation is a major way and so is art such a drawing, music, learning cooking and new recipes, a way to emotionally detach from the incessant programs of fear. Much of life is habits as we develop habits of not so much fearlessness but more a detachment from “The Blanket of Fear” soon we begin to realize how much we were conditioned into a response and now how much better we feel and even better our sleep at night.

A path toward peace of mind is like any path it takes time, self-awareness, a recognition when we are off the path and dedication to actually want to live a more fulfilling life, it will NOT happen by accident. A purposeful life leads to a more pleasurable life experience, it is a matter of CHOICE.


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